Enroute our journey from Pretoria to Durban, we’d find plenty of nature reserves, the city of Gold Joburg, and a few adventurists soaring through their balloon safaris, but beyond all that, we’d find incredible hope, belief and charisma as we reach Durban to face their Super Giants! 

The Kingsmead Story:

The sands flying into the stadium may not be a reality, but a picturesque Kingsmead by the ocean will be one of the most beautiful away grounds we’d be playing in. The Super Giants have played 2 games here and won one.Both games have been extremely high scoring. Something our quicks will have a keen eye on as they take the new ball today!


Fear The Moustache, eh?


Joined the setup a day before the inaugural SA20 and made his presence felt like he’s been throwing fireballs for generations. Anrich Nortje has been in amazing form and the Round 2 of our Highveld Derby was proof that he can not only break partnerships, but slow down the Run-rate at will. Something which will be very important in a high-scoring game in Kingsmead.


The Salt-Neesham Show: SA’s newest “Brothers Streep” you’d reckon? 


They’re fun. They’re hilarious. They’re dangerous.
Jimmy Neesham and Phil Salt, apart from starring in a bloopy Pilot for us, have also turned a few games for us out of nowhere. From their incredible, high-flying catches to top-drawer performances with bat and ball, Jimmy Neesham and Phil Salt will play a pivotal role in Durban!

Meanwhile, rate their pilot episode on a Scale of 1 to EP2 When?



The Challenge for Pretoria Capitals?


The unpredictability of Durban’s Super Giants! So they apparently let 7 players bowl in their game against JSK. Well. That’s one. But when it comes to batting, any of their top 6 can go big on his day, the numbers from their two games show just that!. This makes it a truly incalculable strategy for our Pitori boys to plan today.

The Reunion?
The Pretorius Brothers will add to the ‘family day out’ vibes of Durban today. Our Migael will aim for a no-holds-barred showdown with DSG’s Dwaine. With both of them expected to start in the respective XIs, who’s your pick to come out on top?

Match Details: 


Jan 20, 5:30 PM SAST | Kingsmead, Durban